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Subart is an organization working to create network, progress and sustainability in the living art in subkulture in Denmark and worldwide.

Subart start, music studios and rapcrews. Helps to get financing for equipment, run them, make them self supported and help them to get their music out.

Subart started in 2005 with producing hip hop music with young people in alternative schools in Denmark, with Red Cros, with soldiers and refugees from the world's hotspots.
Since the financial crisis hit, and we in Denmark no longer could afford the opportunity to help vulnerable young people in institutions and schools, we moved our operations out where hip hop lives, on street level. We changed our context from "helping people" to "helping people help themselves".
People live better when they has the opportunity to express themselves artistic.

Subart has since then made Hiphop music with rappers and producers at all levels throughout Denmark.
In 2012 Subart has been supported by Region Midt to boot Rap crews in a large part of the Danish sub cultures and network and support them.
In this work, we have met many great rappers and producers from many parts of the world, right here in Denmark.
Great job :-)

Subart has in 2012 also started work with rappers in the U.S., EU and Africa. It has been very inspiring for all of us to work across national borders. This cooperation we would like to expand to become a true world-wide networking and collaboration for hiphop music. International subcultural art & networking

Hiphop is the blues of our time.

International subcultural art & networking
Subart: Phone: 0045 2230 6511 / mail:
Subart cooperates with rappers in U.S.

Keir "Mr.KR" Richard is working with rappers in North Carolina.
Subart and Mr. KR cooperate to make beats, record vocals and rap across the Atlantic. We give rappers in Europe and the U.S. opportunity to make music together.
As both Mr. KR and Subart have contact with rappers and producers at all levels, this is a fantastic exciting challenge for all the rappers in the projects, for Mr. KR and for us.
As soon as the first products from this collaboration is finished they will of course be available on facebook, Youtube and here.

Subart release an international album

The larst yers, Subart have collaborated with rapperes, singers and procuceres from three continents and Region Midt about ICT #1

The album can be heard on the most internet services, such as iTunes:

Skanderborg Kommune supports the rapcrew in Skandeborg to participate on ICT #2 in 2014 and 2015.